FRONTLINE partners with high-performing entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders to spark essential leadership growth that is required to have a profound career impact.

The FRONTLINE Leadership process is specifically designed to generate powerful and often hidden insights for leaders who are facing complex and urgent challenges.

Unlocking these new distinctions and confronting reality in a bold and decisive manner enables leaders, and their teams, to reinvent and re-energize their audacious targets.


The FRONTLINE Academy was designed for emerging leaders who are committed to transforming their entrepreneurial ideas into a profitable venture.

After completing the online course, you will know exactly what it takes to start your venture and more importantly, you will be awakened to who you need to become to lead your team and your business.

Whilst most programs focus on the practical tips and tools to start your business, the FRONTLINE Academy takes you through a unique and unmatched experience where the “how to start your venture” will rapidly reveal itself to you.


The FRONTLINE Crisis Management program is for emerging leaders who have decided to take a stance and reinvent themselves to create a future filled with ambition and possibilities. The key to navigating this current crisis is to learn who you must become to get your desire results.During this pragmatic and action packed series of workshops, you will find the courage and resilience within yourself to finally take control of your destiny.There has never been a better opportunity and a greater need for you to step up and start designing a better future for you and the people you care about.

What People Say

Since I began working with Jason, I’ve experienced a profound transformation in my personal and professional life. Jason has the ability to rapidly analyze and diagnose large scale problems by connecting the dots across multiple arenas. His out of the box thinking yields unique insights and has led to positive results in various areas of our business.

Jason’s candor is consistent and refreshing. He is trustworthy, thoughtful and always true to his word. Jason’s perspective and ability to challenge my core way of thinking has led to substantial improvements in our business operations. The work we’ve done together has been incredibly challenging and equally rewarding. I’m grateful to have had the chance to partner with Jason, and look forward to continuing our work in the future.

Russell Feldman

Chief Operating Officer, IMTC

What People Say:

“Jason is incisive, honest, and conducts himself with tremendous personal and professional integrity. He has a unique ability to help reframe ideas, problems, and opportunities, surfacing new insights and clarifying objectives. He’s pushed me to think clearly and act decisively in pursuit of professional growth and personal development, and I feel privileged to have partnered with him.”

Ari Fine

Founder, Kora Ventures


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